Art, Integration, and Healing with Aida Murad

Aida Murad

In case you are not familiar with our Table Talk Podcast, we welcome you to listen in on the second episode of our interviews series. Table Talk is comprised of inspiring and informative conversations about intersectional feminism, true diversity, social justice advocacy, and interfaith work.

This week on Table Talk, we talk about art, healing, and integration with Aida Murad. Aida is an Arab-American currently living in Washington DC. She’s a social entrepreneur, artist, motivational speaker, and food critic. Aida works to share lessons, stories and inspiration so we can learn from and empower each other.

She was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of 21, but refused to live her life bound by pain. Aida Murad’s agonizing diagnosis has led her on a path to natural healing and everlasting peace. Most importantly she’s a life-long learner, thinker, and aims to live a meaningful and impactful life.  

Art Piece: Transformative Love Medium: Finger painted acrylic, candle wax and roses The Story: Love is a beautiful thing that is guaranteed to change you. Hidden in this piece is an Arabic poem expressing the power of the force of love, covered by the feminine and masculine colors. This piece is dedicated to the unity of a couple in love no matter what their sex, race or religion is. The dried rose petals are shown in whole and as ashes reflecting how experiences of love can simultaneously bring you alive as well as burn you like a Phoenix.

In this podcast episode, Aida and our founder discuss the following:

  • Her background and how she defines herself as an Arab-American
  • The journey to finding her artwork and developing a passion for creativity
  • Religious connections to art and incorporating women
  • How to stay positive throughout your healing process and the support Aida received as an Arab-American Muslim woman
  • Healing within marginalized communities, as well as Aida’s advice to artists and leaders who hope to spread compassion through their work
  • Integrating art as a form of activism
  • Working with the refugee community and using art as a tool for bridging the gap between refugees and other people in the U.S.
Aida Murda One Journey Festival
Art Piece: A Life’s Journey Medium: Finger painted acrylic, candle wax and dried orchids. The Story: We all go through struggle (symbolized by the blue streaks) that temporarily take over our lives. But that is temporary and we from struggle transform to a higher level (symbolized by the gold & white orchids). However we typically forget this golden transformation and face smaller struggles and find ourselves growing once again in different directions (symbolized by the red streaks). Embrace this transformative journey of life and strive to always be in that golden moment.

We hope you enjoy this conversation regarding art, integration, and healing with Aida Murad as much as we did. Please click the play button below to listen in and be sure to let us know who you’d like to hear on the Table Talk Podcast. Thanks for listening and Ramadan Mubarak to everyone who is celebrating!



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