For Syria, When Night Comes

Donations for Syria

Night is not my friend
Whenever she comes morning becomes a dream
She is dark like soot

She comes with the owls hissing in crooked heights
And toads croaking in blood stained waters
Asking, “When did we earn this?”

And the vultures sitting on branches of dead woods
Answering, “If he kills you one by one, pray hard
And leave the streets alone to the devil.”

Money for Syria

When the shells pound
And owls stops hissing
And the croaking toads are silenced in awe

And the vultures sitting on branches of dead woods answering, “If he kills you one by one, pray hard and leave the streets alone to the devil.”

And the walls tremble
And earth shakes
We look up to heaven

But our voices are faint and timid
The streets were not our homes
And the square was not our masjids


Editor’s Note:
For Syria, When Night Comes” is a reminder to people everywhere that the people of Syria desperately need our help. More than 4.8 million Syrians have fled to Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan.

More than 6.6 million citizens are displaced within the borders of Syria. Over 1 million refugees are hoping for asylum in the West. Though beautiful and powerful, prayers and thoughts are not enough. We must support our national and international charities.

We must take action in any way we can by sharing news about Syria, welcoming refugees, writing to our politicians, and becoming part of a real solution. We must do this for Syria and for the integrity of our world.

Financial aid for Syria and its people is urgently needed! Please consider donating to these agencies:
UNHCR: The UN Refugee Agency

Save the Children: Children of Syria

Syria Relief: Providing aid to the most hard to reach places in Syria

World Food Programme: Syria emergency

UNICEF: For every child in danger


Doctors Without Borders

Also, be sure to download this free Activist Toolkit from Amnesty International so you can learn more about the refugee crisis and how to write a local council resolution in support of welcoming refugees into your community.


Omoloja Yusuff

Omoloja Yusuff

Geoffrey Chaucer's "Canterbury tales", T.S. Elliot's "Murder in the Cathedral", Richard Brinsley Sheridan's "The Rivals", Wole Soyinka's "The Jero plays", and Chinua Achebe's "Things fall apart" were great books that inspired Omoloja Yusuff Oluwasola's enthusiasm in literature and the arts. Reading culture was inculcated by his mother, while his father was always there to enforce the implementation of his mother's great ideas. He plans to study everything regarding Leo Tolstoy, Muhammad Ibn Hanbal, Muhammad Iqbal, and Rumi. Yusuff has started with Rumi's "I died from minerality."Omoloja Yusuff is a trained Electrical/Electronics Engineer working as an Engineer with a downstream Oil and Gas company in Lagos, Nigeria. He aspires to be a Poet, Political Theorist, and Artificial Intelligence Design Engineer in the future.

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