Spring Scenes in Istanbul


Signs of spring are being welcomed in Istanbul by locals and tourists alike. The tulips are sleepily peeking out of the ground and magic abounds. Catch a glimpse of spring in this enchanting city through the eyes of Umit, one of Istanbul’s most creative masterminds.

Spring break
Kitty-catness, staring at me.


spring travel
Happy day from Istanbul.


spring 2017
Take a sip and everything will be milky. #SundayFunday. (Photo taken in Nişantaşı.)


spring flowers
Spring, you have been missed!


Spring 2017
The House Cafe at the Grand Pera is a must see with its delicious atmosphere.
Umit Kinoglu

Umit Kinoglu

Based in Istanbul, Turkey. Account manager at Daniska. Received her Bachelor of Arts at Davidson College and concentrated on Art Studio. Follow Umit's adventures and artwork on Instagram @umitkinoglu.

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